About Us

Netzone Internet started its journey in 2007 when internet or virtual networking was not very popular and business related to technologies were very rare. As the internet services were very expensive and the customers were mostly corporate institutions, the investment on these technological field was very risky. Moreover, internationally there was weak internet connection with low bandwidth activity which created high chance of risk to reach to the local customers.

The young initiators of Netzone Internet took the risk to serve internet service with a dream to reach customers from every profession. This initiative has changed the definition of networking where people learned about the internet facilities and now Netzone Internet is one of the leading internet service provider in Dhaka. This accomplishment wound up conceivable as a result of Strong Decision making, proper business systems and liability towards clients.

Proper structure and strategies of providing internet service helped us to update new features and technology for our valued customer. Customer satisfaction and ease of internet access with security features are the keys of this company’s fame.


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